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How to Choose the Right Doctor to Treat Uterine Prolapse

By Kristi Patrice Carter

Uterine Prolapse is a condition in which the pelvic floor muscles that support the uterus are weak and unable to support it. This can cause your uterus to dip down and sag into the opening of your vagina. Most women who have given birth to a baby vaginally will have some type of prolapse, however, for very mild cases, there is usually no treatment given. It is only if the prolapse becomes severe, irritating, or problematic.

Choosing the right doctor is a matter of asking questions, and expecting answers. You need to be able to speak face to face with doctors and ask them about the procedures, recovery, cost and benefits. If a doctor is 'too busy' to be able to schedule a time to speak with you, I'd recommend moving on over to the next doctor on your list. Good doctors understand that they must have a good communicating relationship with their patients, and won't hesitate to answer questions and explain things to us.

Below are some tips and ideas that can help you choose the right doctor for treating your Uterine Prolapse.

You can choose to speak with an urogynecologist or a gynecologist about treating you. An urogynecologist is a doctor who has completed full gynecological training, and has further studied and trained about the treatment of incontinence and prolapse.

Your doctor should perform a test to see exactly how severe your prolapse is. If your prolapse is not severe, your doctor may suggest the use of a pessary. This is a device which is inserted into the vagina, and used to hold the uterus in place. This can be temporary, and your doctor will fit one to your own body shape. There are many drawbacks to using a pessary, however, such as irritation of the vaginal tissues. Some women have even developed ulcers or discharge when using one. They may also interfere with sexual intercourse.

Surgery is an option for severe prolapse, and there are a couple of different types. Ask your doctor is he will perform the surgery vaginally. Most doctors prefer to do so, since there is less pain and no scars. Surgeries can be done to repair the pelvic floor muscles, however it is likely that prolapse will reoccur. Your doctor may suggest a hysterectomy as well.

Don't be afraid to ask your doctor as many questions as you need to ask to be comfortable. There is absolutely no reason why he or she shouldn't be able to answer them. You are definitely not the only person to have this problem, so there is no reason to feel embarrassed. A good doctor will tell you that, as well as explain exactly what your options are. He or she should work with you to come up with a treatment plan that is right for you. There are many different women and different situations, so your doctor should understand that your treatment shouldn't necessarily be the same as another woman's. Asking questions and stating concerns is the best way to choose the right doctor, and a doctor you feel comfortable with is a must.