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Handling Parental Duties When You Have Uterine Prolapse

Doing normal, everyday things can become more difficult when you have uterine prolapse. This is a condition in which the pelvic floor muscles aren't strong enough to support the uterus, and it can dip down into the opening of the vagina. This can cause pain, heavy bleeding, back pain, and irritation. It can be difficult just taking care of your parental duties. This can frustrate and upset women who are used to doing everything. There are some things you can do to help until you are better. Here are some tips and ideas for handling parental duties when you have uterine prolapse.

Hire a babysitter.

Hire someone such as a babysitter to help you out. They will be your 'assistant' of sorts. You won't be leaving them with the children alone, but they can handle some of the more difficult duties that you can't perform right now, such as running and chasing the children, playing outside games, or lifting children who are young enough to need to be picked up. If you are concerned about not spending enough time with your children, spend more time doing things with them that you will be comfortable doing. Spend more time helping with their homework, playing board games, or watching your favorite movies together.

Get someone to help with the housecleaning.

Whether it's your spouse, a cleaning service, or a teenage girl who wants to earn a little extra money, get someone to help with the housecleaning. Let them handle the major cleaning of the house, and any other duties that need to be done, but that you are unable to do right now. They could take care of yard work, take the garbage out, etc. Anything that requires strain or climbing, such as washing the high windows or lifting heavy items. Some women feel really bad about not being able to do the things they have always done. Don't. You don't want to damage yourself further and make for a longer recovery time. Besides, there will be plenty of cleaning and work to be done when you're better!

Speak with your children.

If your children are old enough to understand that you are not well, explain to them why Mom hasn't been able to do certain things lately. Letting them know what is going on will help them to understand why you can't do everything you normally do. Even if you don't go into specifics, let them know that you are not well enough to perform normal tasks, and that everything will be back to normal soon.

This can be irritating and frustrating for any woman to have to deal with. Remember, however, that you will be better soon, and you deserve a little extra help to get you well. A support group is a great idea, as talking to other women who are going through the same thing can make you feel better, and not so alone. Get that help that you need, and feel better!